DermaMed Solutions Joins CarbonFree Partnership Program

DermaMed Solutions LogoDermaMed Solutions has joined the CarbonFree Partnership program to neutralize its carbon footprint by supporting clean-air technology and carbon-reduction projects in the U.S. Operated by Foundation, a not-for-profit organization based in Bethesda, MD, the program helps individuals and businesses understand climate change and develop practical and cost-effective solutions to slow, stop, and reduce it. “It’s an important step towards ensuring a healthier earth,” says DermaMed president Mark Pinsley. “DermaMed Solutions chose to partner with because we wish we could do more. In our daily operations, we strive to find new ways of packaging and promoting products that are ecologically friendly, and we recycle whenever possible. However, finding alternative ways to accomplish sustainability is not always logistically and financially feasible. is a great way to make a difference.”



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