Diana Howard, Ph.D., Addresses Skincare Ingredient Myths

Diana Howard, Ph.D., Sets the Record Straight About Ingredients

Diana Howard, Ph.D., vice president of Global Education and Research and Development for The International Dermal Institute (IDI) and Dermalogica, will confront the myths and misinformation surrounding skincare ingredient formulation at an upcoming Guest Speaker Evening titled New Facts, More Fiction, Latest Fantasy, one of a national series of lectures presented throughout the year by IDI, which will be held on Monday, Nov. 4 at IDI, located in New York City. “Professional skincare, the anti-aging segment in particular, continues to be a growth industry,” says Howard. “The International Dermal Institute is committed to helping professional skin therapists separate scientific facts from misleading marketing jargon so they are able to best inform their clients and continue to provide them with real results.”

For more information on IDI’s Guest Speaker Evening series, visit www.dermalinstitute.com.