Discover the Best Ways to Retain Staff with New Mini Guide from The Training Room

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The Training Room has announced a new educational resource for spas and salons titled The Insider Mini Guide to Training Salon and Spa Staff. The guide aims to provide spa and salon owners with useful information regarding staff retention and how to add value to an employee’s career to help build a stronger business model.

“The guide helps you understand your employees’ individual personality types and how to adjust training to suit them,” says Laura Sheridan, head of beauty and wellbeing at The Training Room. “This is something that a lot of work places simply don’t consider - this often results in ineffective training and wasted time”

With staff recruitment becoming an increasing issue within the spa and beauty industries, retaining staff has become a pressing factor for spa and salon owners. The guide helps readers implement thorough training strategies that are critical for the operator who wants to successfully grow their business. It offers tips on how to make the most of your employees’ current skills, how to implement creative in-house training strategies, essential training equipment, the importance of product knowledge, and why it’s so important to provide regular training.


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Since 2006, The Training Room has offered a range of ITEC-accredited courses through its UK training academies, covering beauty therapy and wellbeing training.

The Insider Mini Guide to Training Salon and Spa Staff is available online.


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