Discover Yoga Retreat Locations with YogaTrail's Host Finder

Photo by YogaTrail

YogaTrail has launched a service that will change the way spa-goers plan yoga retreats. Host Finder is an online tool that helps retreat hosts find suitable locations in a simple and quick manner.

YogaTrail built the Host Finder to aid hosts in their search for the perfect event location. The tool, which is available on the YogaTrail website, allows users to search retreat venues across the globe. Venues can be searched by country, availability, budget, additional activities available, and more. There’s even an option for catering and dietary restrictions as well.

The tool filters location prices into budget, luxury, and mid-range categories. Restrictive options include no alcohol, no children, no meat, and no smoking. Other request categories include air conditioning, beach, massage, spa/beauty, airport transfers, bicycles, pool, Wi-Fi, all-inclusive, fitness center, wheelchair accessibility, onsite dining, and bars. The search options span 23 countries worldwide.

The Host Finder directly connects the 60,000 yoga professionals on YogaTrail to these boutique retreats that often are under booked for most of the year and are eager to host yoga groups. YogaTrail memberships are not required to use the resource, and the tool is available to all users free of charge.

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