Easy Tweeze

tweezers, mehaz, spilo, eyebrows, beauty toolsWe talked to eyebrow expert Elke Von Freudenberg and shared how to fix common Eyebrow Errors here, but there's more. So how do you achieve picture-perfect brows for clients? It all starts with the quality of tweezers you use. Here are tips for selecting the best tweezers for your spa from Mehaz, maker of professional beauty tools.

1. Choose Stainless Steel – Always choose a tweezer that is made from 100 percent stainless steel. It can be safely disinfected without rusting and holds up in the long run. Other metals, such as nickel, can cause irritation to the skin and will eventually begin to rust.

2. Triple Check the Tip Alignment – Your tweezer tips should be perfectly aligned. This means the tips are the same length and line up evenly from tip-to-tip ensuring a non-slip grip on even the shortest and finest of hairs.

3. Look for Smooth, Finished Edges – Not only is the alignment of your tweezer important, but making sure your tweezer tips have smooth and finished edges is equally as essential. When looking at the tips of the tweezer, there should be no light passing through the closed edges. A finished edge produces accurate tweezing and ensures a complete snag-free pull from the root.

For more precision hair-removal tips, check out our upcoming story all about threading this summer.