Edge Systems Now Operating as The HydraFacial Company

(The HydraFacial Company)

Award-winning skin health technology company Edge Systems has announced that it will now be known as The HydraFacial Company. The corporate name change signifies a new chapter for the company.

The name change, effective immediately, is accompanied by a revamped look of the company’s premier brand, HydraFacial. The change is being implemented across the company’s product line throughout 2017. “We have set a modern vision for the company to build upon our great product technology,” explains Clint Carnell, CEO of The HydraFacial Company. “In the near term, I think you’ll see that we take a purposeful approach to growing our brand, with a focus to drive patient awareness, as well as best-in-class physician support, both from a clinical and marketing perspective. We are staking out our space and being very disciplined, thoughtful and assertive in what HydraFacial stands for.”

The change comes after an acquisition. In December 2016, the healthcare-focused private equity firms Linden Capital Partners (Linden) and DW Healthcare Partner (DWHP) jointly acquired Edge Systems with the goal to invest in the global expansion of the HydraFacial brand. “Our logo represents our modern approach to turning the expected upside down,” says Rosemarie Holcomb, director of marketing at The HydraFacial Company. “The brand visual identity is a celebration of our uniqueness, demonstrating the emotional connection we create by revealing a brighter, more confident life through amazing skin.”

Since its development in 1997, the southern-California based company been designing award-winning, patented skin care technologies and solutions. The company pioneered hydradermabrasion, launching HydraFacial and Perk products to popularity in more than 75 countries. 

More information on The HydraFacial Company products can be found at www.hydrafacial.com