European Wax Center and Refinery29 Team Up to Ax the Pink Tax

European Wax Center is fighting the Pink Tax this April. // Screenshot from the Pink Tax)

While it’s bad enough that a gender pay gap exists in which women earn less than men for doing the same jobs, women are also getting hit with the Pink Tax, the extra money they are charged for everyday products. Over the course of a year, the average woman pays an additional $1,351 for basic items and services. And we’re not just talking feminine hygiene products here, as it applies to toys geared for girls, dry cleaning, clothing, and more.

Ever wonder why Viagra is covered by insurance but female birth control isn’t? Blame the Pink Tax. Wanting to bring the issue to the forefront, European Wax Center (EWC) and Refinery29 joined forces to present an informative “Ax the Pink Tax” panel discussion with Danielle Brooks, an activist and actress on “Orange is the New Black;” Mama Cax, a speaker and blogger; Babba Rivera, cofounder of Her USA; Claire Wasserman, founder of Ladies Get Paid; and moderated by Elisa Kreisinger, executive producer at Refinery29.

The Ax the Pink Tax panel at Refinery 29 // Photo by Heather Mikesell

The panel discussed other interesting statistics, including the fact that women are charged more 42 percent of the time when making a purchase and that women pay an average of 7 percent more than men for the exact same products and services. Raising awareness of the disparity, EWC is giving 13.51 percent off one product or service throughout the month of April to help ax the Pink Tax. Also, people can spread the word by getting Pink Brows free at their local center, with EWC’s SnapChat filter, or do it themselves and then share their photos at #AxThePinkTax.

For more on the Pink Tax, check out the video below:


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