Exclusive Event Coverage: Day Spa Association's ProKnowledge Workshops

The Day Spa Association  has been reinvented with a unique vision and passion to guide the spa leaders of tomorrow. The kick-off event for the ProKnowledge Workshops took place in Nashville. The presentations and round table discussions that ranged from event planning, the future of the spa industry, social media, treatment menu innovations, etc. was thought provoking and powerful. If you’ve ever wondered what social media sounds like when it’s live, this was it!

There are plenty of stars in the salon industry. But where are the Tabithas of the spa industry? These are management training sessions that will help wellness providers mature into leadership roles. An attendee of several spa tradeshows per year, I found this event to be a wise investment that is offered in four locations showcasing cutting-edge seminars that repeat over the course of your two-day participation. The ProKnowledge Workshops speak to the spa entrepreneur, the visionary, and the wellness provider. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and organized. Speakers were well-prepared and inspiring. A major bonus is ProKnowledge Workshop Sessions are eligible for Continuing Professional Education Contact Hours.  A Continuing Education Attendance Form was provided and each instructor initialed your tracking form that serves as verification of your attendance.

Felicia Brown of Spalutions presented the different forms of social media from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter. She touched upon when used correctly, social media can generate interest in the community and lots of business. A forward-thinking recommendation Felicia made was to include social media policies in your spa’s employee handbook. There should be an open discussion with the staff on how the employees should or should not speak about the spa via social media.

There were discussions of what the future holds in the spa industry. The success of massage franchises and professional discounting websites were discussed. Alfredo Carvajal mentioned the “wellness cluster” a successful marketing tool that sets a spa apart from places that offer a $49 massage. A wellness cluster involves partnering with other like-minded businesses such as a dermatologist, and a nutritionist, and attracts loyal consumers who value our services and see the benefit in the relationships and recommendations. Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital Management talked about the creation of a voice within the industry so that we are represented in Washington, i.e. the possibility of imposing a tax on facials and massages.

The ProKnowledge Workshops will assist in creating rising stars in the spa industry. They are coaching sessions for tomorrow’s leaders.  Overall, an impressive educational event organized by Allan Share and his friends who share an exciting vision.


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