Farmaesthetics Launches on Preserve Website

Farmaesthetics, a line of herbal skincare products, has launched on Blake Lively’s online endeavor, Created by Lively, Preserve features a blend of stories and products, all with the idea that “nurturing a better tomorrow upholds the yesterday we cherish.” “These values are at the heart of our product line and reflected in everything we make and do at Farmaesthetics,” says founder and formulator Brenda Brock. “To have our fine herbal skincare products chosen by Blake Lively and the Preserve team is an honor and testament to the value of upholding traditional herbal formulation in mainstream beauty. It’s a perfect fit.” The site features Farmaesthetics’s Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil; Dreaming Oil, aetheric inhalation oil; and Tansynella Organic Bugscreen. “This dovetails so perfectly with what we believe in, says Brock. “Farmaesthetics is about sustainable beauty, traditional herbal skincare preparations made from organically grown, natural ingredients from American family farms.  Growing up in Texas, I learned the traditional craft of ‘kitchen chemistry’ from the rural women on the family farm. It is my life’s work to uphold these traditional ways of creating natural products, working with what the earth gives us, and honoring my own family’s rural heritage.”

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