Feel the Peel with PCA Skin on the First Annual National Peel Day

PCA Skin National Peel Day
PCA Skin recently declared March 10 as National Peel Day. Photo courtesy of PCA Skin.

The thought of a chemical peel can be a scary for some consumers, especially for those scarred by Samantha Jones’s experience in “Sex and the City.” In an effort to combat this stigma, the popular skincare company PCA Skin recently proclaimed March 10 as the first ever National Peel Day. The event has been recognized as an official holiday on the National Day Registry by National Day Archives.

“We have found there is a large number of people that avoid chemical peel treatments due to the misconceptions and misinformation that surround it,” says Anish Agarwal, PCA Skin’s chief marketing officer. “As the leading brand for professional peel treatments in the U.S., the onus is on us to help educate people on the truly transformative benefits of chemical peel treatments. Upon our 30th anniversary this year, we are committed to making people aware of peel treatments and their benefits so they can make it a part of their skincare regimen.”

In celebration of the newly minted holiday, PCA Skin will share educational information and debunk common misconceptions about chemical peels on its Instagram page  on March 10. Additionally, it will be kicking off a social campaign designed to encourage both professionals and clients to share their chemical peel experiences and subsequent skin transformations on Instagram by using the hashtag #FeelThePeel and tagging @pcaskin. The brand will be hosting weekly giveaways for those who participate and select a final grand prize winner the week of April 20. PCA Skin is also launching three new peel formulas, which are set to debut this month.


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Find out more about National Peel Day and the #FeelThePeel challenge here.



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