The First 1000 Days of Wellness Partners with Wellness Education Hub to Produce Training Program

F1000 Days of Wellness Spa and Resort launches new training program // Photo Credits: F1000 Days of Wellness Spa and Resort


The First 1000 Days of Wellness is partnering with Wellness Education Hub to launch a spa and wellness training program that focuses on early prevention of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and the improvement of quality of life through wellness practices to ensure the wellbeing of future offspring. The F1000 Days Spa and Resort Training Program, slated to launch mid-March of this year, will prepare massage therapists and estheticians to support couples who are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, and in the first two years of parenthood. 

“The science we have today on earliest human development allows and supports us to create a unique program for women and men, and eventually their babies, where we integrate all of the positive wellness actions,” says Sergio Pecorelli, M.D., Ph.D., creator, cofounder, and chief scientific officer of the First 1000 Days of Wellness program. 


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The program aims to serve women and men through hands-on training, online studies, and live lectures to improve the health of the next two generations and prevent non-communicable diseases globally. Essential areas of training will be the specialized F1000 Days Consultation for guests and take-home kits that will enable continuous visits for the spa. 

“We are extremely honored to have partnered with the F1000 Days of Wellness Team to offer this very elevated educational program for the spa and wellness industry,” says Joanne Berry, founder of Wellness Education Hub. “We hope to share this knowledge with many spas and wellness facilities so that they are able to then educate their guests on creating healthy generations for years to come.” 



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