Forever Laser Institut Celebrates 20 Years

Forever Laser Institut, Europe’s first fully integrated medical spa in Geneva, turns 20 this year. The spa was founded in 1997 by Barbara Polla, M.D., and Luigi L. Polla, M.D., when they introduced their collective expertise in dermatology and biomedical research to the aesthetic industry. This was a milestone moment for the Swiss beauty industry as it was the first time lasers were brought to Europe for dermatological purposes. Luigi immediately became a leader in Europe for the use of lasers in dermatology, and soon after opening Forever Laser Institut, the Polla family’s signature skincare line, Alchimie Forever, was launched. The skincare brand was created to treat sensitized skin and accentuate anti-aging benefits. Its earliest formulations were also created for post-procedure and at-home care for Polla’s patients. This 20th anniversary milestone is also paired with an official ownership transition to the second generation of the Polla family, in which Forever Institut and Alchimie Forever will now be majority owned by the Polla’s four daughters, Ada, Cyrille, Rachel, and Roxane. The brand will continue to work and grow in a synergistic way for the Polla family, as Luigi will determine what patients need for their skin and the four Polla sisters will conceptualize the overall strategy and development of the two brands, the growth of the medical spa in Geneva, and the expansion of the product line. "I am enormously proud of my daughters and the leadership they are taking,” says Luigi. “I decided to hand over the reins to them to secure the future of both of our businesses and ensure the Polla and Forever names continue to grow around the globe. We are celebrating this milestone and ownership transition with a new visual interpretation of our brands. Alchimie Forever was recently repackaged and the spa has been visually rebranded and renamed from Forever Laser Institut to Forever Institut. While we will always remain laser pioneers, our expertise in beauty goes much beyond laser therapy. I know the next 20 years will be even more successful than the last.”