Global Spa Trends & Innovations

As spa professionals, we all love a good trend report. Last week, I was introduced to one more excellent industry analysis courtesy of Wynne Business’s Lisa Starr at Spatec Spring. She was the event’s keynote speaker, and she created an excellent report based on her vast industry knowledge and world travels. Among the her picks for the hottest headlines in spa right now:

  • A look at the term “spa” in consumer marketing – think Shoe Spas, Pet Spas, spa mentions in personal care, and more.
  • Some unique takes on spa design throughout the world (futuristic spas, underwater spas, treehouse spas, etc)
  • A rundown of companies that are making exciting strides in spa retail
  • A bevy of unique spa concept, including spas for cancer patients, pop-up spas, napping spas, and other interesting specialties
  • And much more.

To download a PDF of the complete report, click here. What do you think are some of the year’s hottest spa trends? Share your thoughts here.