Global Wellness Summit Announces 2017 Summit Theme

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) will focus its upcoming 2017 conference around the theme of “Living a Well Life.” The programming will put the spotlight on how the future of wellness will impact the individual and on how new wellness concepts can transform all aspects of life. The conference will be held at The Breakers Palm Beach (FL) October 9 to 11. The Breakers Palm Beach sits on a palm-lined beach and plays host to a number of outdoor wellness and fitness activities, including a brand new indoor-outdoor spa. The Summit will host a Networking on the Sand event where executives and attendees can get to know one another and form new collaborations, business investments and relationships.

Three co-chairs are responsible for organizing the Living a Well Life event, Gerry Bodeker, Ph.D, Maggie Hsu, and Clare Martorana. The three professionals worked together creating the theme for the event as well as topics of the Summit, including the future of major wellness sectors like beauty, travel, spa, fitness, nutrition, and the environment. Because the theme places the individual at the center of the wellness conversation, attendees will hear from experts about latest breakthroughs as well as participate in them themselves. Guests will enjoy activities from personal biomarker testing to seeing how virtual reality is being applied to wellness, and more.