Goldfaden MD Partners with Women’s Movement

Goldfaden MD Radiant Renewal Starter KitGoldfaden MD, a natural skincare brand, teamed up with I AM THAT GIRL, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that encourages girls to express themselves through positive education, community and media content. Through this partnership, Goldfaden MD is working to bring awareness to beauty from a skin health standpoint and institute a layer of efficient self-acceptance. “We are particularly excited to be part of this charity, as working with young women to increase their self perception and boost self confidence is the core of our business,” says Lauren Wolk, vice president of sales. From Nov. 15 through Dec. 31, Goldfaden MD will be donating 10 percent of proceeds from their Radiant Renewal Starter Kit to I AM THAT GIRL, helping young girls battle common skin concerns. Aimed at boosting skin-health awareness through skincare products, the Radiant Renewal Starter Kit includes Doctor’s Scrub, an exfoliator; Pure Start, a facial cleanser; and Vital Boost, a daily moisturizer. “True beauty goes beyond skin deep, but with the pressures of today's society, it’s evident that everyone, young women especially, are striving for that close-to-perfect skin,” says Lisa Goldfaden, vice president of marketing. “With the promotion of the Radiant Renewal Starter Kit, we strive to provide these women with the tools needed to obtain healthy skin, and as a result, have the confidence to face the day to day pressures.” 

Goldfaden MD’s Radiant Renewal Starter Kit is available online at