Grande Cosmetics Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Grande Cosmetics celebrates 10th anniversary // Photo credit: RuthBlack/iStock/Getty Images Plus (RuthBlack/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Grande Cosmetics (Grande) hit double digits this year and recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, the brand held a birthday party at Pietro Nolita in New York City, complete with cakes from Carlos Bakery, but is also giving back to clients with special promotions through out the year. Since the launch of the award-winning GrandeLash-MD lash-enhancement serum, the brand has expanded to include 10 products across the lash, brow, lip, and hair categories.

“A decade ago I discovered the secret sauce of naturally beautiful lashes,” says Alicia Grande, founder and CEO of Grande Cosmetics. “My lash enhancing conditioner, GrandeLASH-MD, which was met with almost instant popularity, is a powerful product. It inspired me to start Grande Cosmetics, now a comprehensive line of innovative cosmetics, serums and conditioners driven by results and performance.” 

Since its development in 2008, Grande has developed a following based on the success of its performance-based cosmetics. The collection was designed to provide users with quality products that don’t just wear well, but also work, sparking the tag social media line “beauty solutions that work.”

Grande keeps both its brand and following growing with the continual innovation and production of new products. Its most recent launches, GrandeGlide and Grande Semi-Matte Liquid Lipstick Metallic, are just another example of how Grande’s unique formulations create lasting, long-wear looks.

“I believe in celebrating one’s natural beauty and enhancing what you’ve already got, rather than making drastic changes or breaking the bank,” says Alicia Grande. “With this in mind, I love that Grande Cosmetics allows women to feel confident within their own natural beauty. What I want most is for people to look and feel fantastic without relying on fillers or lash extensions.”

Even though its officially hit the 10-year mark, Grande shows no signs of slowing down. The brand hit double-digit growth over the last six years, and has plans to feature GrandeLash-MD and GrandeBrow in additional locations this summer.


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