Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards Nominations Open

Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards Nominations Open The 5th Annual Global Spa Network (GSN) Sustainability Awards hosted by American Spa and the Green Spa Network are open for nominations. This program recognizes efforts that positively impact sustainable business in the spa industry and contribute to a vital future for people and the planet. Nominations for the seven award categories are open through July 1 and can be submitted through the GSN website. Any individual, company, or product related to the spa, health, and wellness industry can be nominated for this year’s categories:


1. Culinary Excellence recognizes a spa or wellness business that provides sustainable and healthy cuisine. Areas of evaluation may include ingredients, award winning products, nutritional excellence, consumer education, and operational sustainability.


2. Green Building Award acknowledges a property or company that has applied sustainable values to their facility within the areas of certification, materials, energy efficiency, innovative or groundbreaking techniques, or esthetic elegance.


3. Sustainable Equipment Manufacturer of the year recognizes an equipment manufacturer that displays a comprehensive commitment to sustainability through its purpose, materials sourcing, packaging, marketing, or represents a groundbreaking innovation related to sustainability.


4. Sustainable Retail Brand of the year reflects a retail or lifestyle brand that represents a groundbreaking innovation related to sustainability.


5. Sustainable Skin Care Award identifies a product or company that is highly sustainable in its purpose, materials sourcing, packaging, and marketing.


6. Sustainable Spa Award showcases a day spa, a resort, or destination spa, and a multi-location brand that exemplifies a core commitment to sustainability at all levels of its concept and operation. An award will be given for each of the three spa categories with areas of evaluation, including: programming or services, inspiration of staff and guests, marketing, outreach, or operational sustainability.


7. GSN Visionary Award acknowledges an individual who embodies sustainable values and has achieved a history of positive leadership and vision in pursuing progress towards a sustainable future. This award is selected by majority vote of the GSN board of directors.



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