Groupon: Wrapping up


Our Groupon coupon certificate has expired, yet some still call. I decided to extend my offer as a kind gesture through February 2012. I know I don’t have to do it but I want to. I know how it feels to lose money on a gift card I gave someone or someone gave me. They had a year to come, that’s plenty of time but a few more faces won’t kill me. More money in retail sales and hopefully a new client for a long time will be the outcome. What I have experienced also were situations like a senior with a broken ankle at Christmas who asked me to extend the coupon. Another Groupon had a traumatic situation, wrote me a long letter and asked me if I could extend the offer. We did.

  • Thus far, what I know for sure is the next time around there will be another offer; I want to do business with Groupon again!
  • I will cap my offer expiration date and make it 4 to 6 months. A year was a long expiration date on a great deal.
  • The average retail ticket for each Groupon Client was $50 +
  • 50 % of the clients so far are coming back for services and more retail.

These savvy clients love our coupons and are NOT just one-time salon/spa guests. They want a relationship with you! I have learned so much from this experience and happy that I opened the door to this Groupon coupon concept. In these times, people are using coupons now more than ever. We will be taking a break now from a year of coupons. We told our representative we would do another one after the spring perhaps.

Waiting for new business or reaching out for some new business …you decide.

I hope you will open your mind and share a success story with your Groupon coupon too!