GSN Issues Plastic Reduction Challenge

While we all know we could do more to help preserve our planet, I’m always excited when someone offers a real solution. So I’m happy to pass along details about the latest effort from the Green Spa Network. Because plastic pollution is real and a growing daily threat to the planet and the creatures who inhabit it, the GSN has launched the first ever "GSN Plastic Reduction Challenge,” an 11-month campaign conducted in partnership with Plastic Pollution Coalition, in which awards will be given in six different categories to winners from day, resort, and destination spas, as well as spa product companies.

“Plastic is a material that the earth cannot digest. Every bit of plastic ever made is still here with us as toxic plastic pollution. Disposable plastics are the greatest contributor to plastic pollution,” says Daniella Russo, Co-founder and Executive Director of Plastic Pollution Coalition. “They are a danger to the earth and to humans on it due to the toxic chemicals leaching out of them. The only way to address this problem is by eliminating disposable plastics from our lives.”

Contest Objective

Reduce usage of disposable plastic items - like plastic bags and bottles, food & beverage items, product packaging, shipping supplies, etc...

Click here to take the GSN Plastic Reduction Challenge.

Awards will be announced on Earth Day 2013 in the following categories:

  • Most Innovative Solution
  • Biggest Impact - for size of a facility
  • Most comprehensive - by number of categories, including employee plastic usage.
  • Local Impact – within state
  • Global Impact
  • Alternative Product Packaging
  • Plastic Reduction Pioneers

“This effort underscores the very purpose of GSN’s existence,” says GSN President and Rancho La Puerta Spa Managing Director, Roberto Arjona. “It’s our responsibility to take a leadership role with proactive measures that promote the health and wellbeing of not only our fellow humans, but also the planet we all share.”  

Required Steps for Participants:

  1. Audit of current plastic usage
  2. Planned replacement of items
  3. Measurement of savings
  4. Tracking progress and Reporting:  via social media
  5. Fill out Plastic Reduction Challenge Form provided on GSN Website
  6. Submit final program materials to GSN approved Panel of Judges by March 20, 2013 

GSN Suggested Alternatives to Disposable Plastic:

  • Stainless steel or glass water bottles
  • Water Filtration systems to eliminate single-use bottles
  • Stainless steel cups & straws
  • Reusable utensils, dishes & cups
  • Reusable bags – including dry cleaner & garbage bags
  • Recycled post consumer waste, paper or glass packaging




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