High Brow Versus Low Brow

It’s high time for high brows to give way to the low arch look. A recent Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery study completed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and University of Regensburg found interesting arch trends. Keep these in mind and share with clients to ensure their face-framing features are up to date.

  • Those surveyed consider the low brow more attractive. It curves low over the eye and reaches a peak height about two-thirds of the way along. Younger people in particular prefer this look.
  • Women are seeking plastic surgery solutions to create the low eyebrow look.
  • Often brows are shaped too high, leaving clients with an unnatural astonished expression and an old, dated look.
  • Older respondents prefer the thinner, high arch brow.
  • Low brows are here to stay, research say this subtle arch is the shape of the future.

What are your clients’ favorite shapes for eyebrow threading or waxing services?