I have a secret I waited until V-DAY to share as I thought it was quite appropriate. Any one who watched TV and the show called MASH knows Hot Lips Houlihan the blonde vixen with the great lips. She was a big hit and so was the TV show. The actress is Loretta Swit.

Well, she now appears in theaters across the country starring in one woman and other shows on stage. A few months ago, she happens to be performing in Sunny Jacksonville Florida. Lucky us! I had dropped off a gift bag for her to enjoy of happy treats…with all things LIPS!

A liquid lipstick called color in Hello Gorgeous, a lip pin, a lip paper clip, a lip tote and more. It turns out it was her last night there. I had been traveling for business so much did not know this but happy, I did. I love our Alhambra dinner theater here. You dine and enjoy a show and it’s so cozy a theater. Well, a few days later I went out of town with my husband and what did I hear? I played my voice mail and there she was on my voice mail for me?

Her voice was young and sounded so sweet. Her message said,  “Hello, this is Loretta Swit. Noreen was kind enough to drop off at the theater a lovely bag filled with fun & pretty things. I love the lip-gloss…it’s such a happy shade of pink, it’s so ME! I put it on right away but because I do a lot of kissing in the show, I had to tone the gloss. I love the lip clip and am putting it to good use already. The bag is so cute with the red sparkling red lips”.

She went on to say “ If she’d like to talk to me in person, that’s possible here’s my number and she can call me.” I HAVE her phone number!

I called her back, we chatted about many things, and I asked her for an interview one day. She told me when she has some spare time and back to her home as she travels on the road she will grant me an interview on her beauty secrets. Thus far I found out with both are Polish, we love the same Polish food, she is from NYC and loves NYC.

She also says her skin is the way it is due to her renowned doctor whose a genius on skin.

She also says "Being Vegan is one of her best beauty secrets and of course takes care of her peaches and cream complexion.

I cannot wait for HOT LIPS Loretta Swit and I to continue our newfound friendship even if it’s just by phone.

Well now still in shock I am amazed that this last minute gift bag idea I had was so worth it… not only did it make her happy; it put a smile on my face!  You do realize this was my version of marketing I am always thinking creatively!

Marketing is a magical thing. You always have to think outside the box. I love what I do and love to make people happy too. How about you?

Tell me your story!