How to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Photo by The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

You may have seen our recent post about Six Spas Ready to Celebrate National Relaxation Day, but do you truly know how to celebrate the day? Many of us are busy at work and living our lives, and can't spare a day to just relax. Here, we've gathered a few tips from spa directors across the country who have suggestions about how to make the most of the new, fun holiday, whether you're on vacation or not.

Cindy Boody, spa director at The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn and Surf & Sand Resort's Aquaterra Spa (Laguna Beach, CA) suggests doing the following to celebrate National Relaxation Day:


  • Wake up slowly, followed by stretching with a cup of herbal tea and a tall glass of water.
  • Leisurely enjoy a healthy breakfast like oatmeal with fruit, or eggs over easy topped with salsa.
  • Spend time outdoors, taking moments to breath and feel the weather.
  • Spend time with the people who mean the most to you.
  • Take time to reflect on all of the positive things you've accomplished recently.
  • Treat yourself to a staycation, or indulge in a therapeutic spa treatment.


  • Wake up to a blasting alarm.
  • Find chores to complete when you have some downtime; take today to relax instead.
  • Worry about what you're "not doing" right now.
  • Put yourself in a stressful situation - avoid traffic, leave later than usual.
  • Forget to breathe.

Leslie Rembowicz, spa manager of The Arrabelle at Vail, A Rock Resort (CO), offered these pro-tips on how to remember to relax today:

  • Sign up for a daily email with mindfulness tips, like the ones found at Mindful.
  • Use relaxation apps like Calm to meditate and practice deep breathing during a busy day.
  • Use essential oils on your feet before bed for a better nights sleep and a clear mind.
  • Drink magnesium before bed to fight fatigue and low energy, inability to sleep, muscle tension, spasms, or cramps.

When asked about how she'll celebrate National Relaxation Day, Michelle Kelthy, spa director at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples (FL), says, "When celebrating National Relaxation Day, I won’t rush to get out of bed right when I wake up and will be more conscious of filling my mind with positive thoughts, followed by with light yoga or stretches with deep breathing to increase oxygen intake.  I would love to enjoy a warm Epsom salt bath, which not only helps you relax but also helps detoxify the body and reduce minor ache and pains.  Lastly, spending time with people that make me happy is how I envision celebrating National Relaxation Day, as when we are happy we naturally feel relaxed.”

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