HydroPeptide Launches Four Micro Collections

HydroPeptideHydroPeptide celebrated its tenth anniversary by relaunching four micro-collections: Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Wrinkle + Clarify, Anti-Wrinkle + Sensitive, and Targeted Solutions, which combine peptides with antioxidants, botanical stem cells, and hyaluronic acid to achieve results. Since launching in 2004 with two homecare products, HydroPeptide has expanded its line to four collections, featuring 21 retail products and eight facial protocols. “Although there are other products that contain peptides, HydroPeptide’s focus is on discovering new peptides that address every skincare concern, including discoloration, blemishes, and others, and combining them with wrinkle-fighting peptides,” says April Zangl, CEO and co-formulator of HydroPeptide. “Our regimens are tailored to even the most sensitive and acne-prone types and go a step further to address the anti-aging aspects that eventually become a concern for everyone.” 

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