IECSC Las Vegas Recap - Social Media Gaining Ground

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (whatever you are imagining, really did happen and more). In my polling, their is good news on the horizon. Only 2 people in my session on Social Media were not on Facebook, this is a significant change in our industry from 2009 when nearly 40% were not on Facebook. Does this get me excited? Yes! We talked strategies on how to build and develop your presence, with some very aggressive ideas (fire any employees who do not accept your friendship on Facebook) to more "traditional" ideas such as taking pictures with every single client that comes thru the door.

O.k, but what did you miss at the show? An amazing crowd of thousands of Spa owners discovering new products and refreshing relationships with the people behind the products they have used for years. There was a heavy emphasis on improving the retail experience and driving sales to increase revenue. Most importantly, I saw a lot of engagement - people exchanging cards, having lunch together, going out for drinks. After such an amazing show, I am already looking forward to Ft. Lauderdale in the Fall...see you there?