Ilike Organic Skincare Celebrates 60th Anniversary with New Packaging

Ilike Organic Skincare has launched new packaging in honor of its 60th anniversary. // Photo courtesy of Ilike Organic Skincare.

In 1958 Dánielné Molnár, the founder of Ilike Organic Skincare, planted a seed in Hungary in hopes to create whole, raw, organic skincare solutions made from indigenous herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Since then, Molnár’s dream has developed into an international brand under her namesake (aunt Ilike being her old nickname), and is now celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. To celebrate the milestone, Ilike is introducing new, innovative, 100 percent recyclable airless packaging.

Advancing the brand’s farm-to-skin commitment, Ilike’s entire line of bottles, moisturizers, serums, cleansers, massage creams, and their Yogurt Power Peel & Botanical AHA Peel will be offered in new airless pump bottles. The airless dispensers are designed to protect Ilike’s advanced and organic formulations, and are engineered for 100 percent recyclability in conformation with EcoCert, BDIH, NaTru, Oko-Test, and other international organic certification labels. The German-engineered bottles hold 30 patents and provide complete neutrality to protect Ilike’s formulas and prolong shelf life.

The airless pumps that accompany the new bottles are designed to handle a wide range of viscosities, including Ilike’s new gel, lotion, and reach cream formulations. Each bottle is vacuum-tested inline to deliver precision dosing, quick-priming and superior evacuation – with no drips, clogs, drying or product contamination. The new airless dispensers deliver economic and environmental efficiencies and are made in one location, which eliminates complex supply chains and reduces the CO2 impact.


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With both organic and natural beauty, as well as green and eco-friendly beauty, both developing into 2018 wellness trends, it seems like Ilike is celebrating its 60th anniversary in the right way.


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