Image Skincare Announces Third Annual Worldwide Launch Party

Image Skincare announced its third annual Worldwide Launch Party, which will take place next month all over the globe. The event will give licensed estheticians, physicians, and skincare professionals the opportunity to get an exclusive sneak peek of new Image Skincare products. During the event, skincare professionals will be able to see, smell, feel, and purchase products before they become available worldwide. The invite-only event will cater to existing clients, as well as prospective spas, salons, and physician’s offices. Participating cities will include Berlin, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Miami, Milan, New York, and Sydney, among others. “Last year’s event was a huge success,” says CEO and founder Janna Ronert. “This year, we’re launching a new technology that will revolutionize the industry. We are truly realizing our mission of becoming the most innovative brand in the industry.” The company predicts more than 85 parties will be held worldwide with more than 15,000 attendees.

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