Infographic: Do you Have a Healthy Relationship with Self-Care?

No surprise here: Most Americans don't make enough time for self-care // Photo via Shutterstock

Despite the fact that we all know self-care is important, a new survey conducted by OnePoll for Massage Envy revealed that lack of time is the biggest obstruction to self-care for more than half of its participants. The study examined the self-care habits (or lack thereof) of 2,000 Americans and uncovered that four out of five people wish they had more time for self-care.

Unsurprisingly, 82 percent of participants said stress affects their physical health. More than half of those respondents claim that muscle tension is their biggest physical symptom of stress. Body aches aren’t the only way people are reacting to stress, though, as the survey showed nearly one in four Americans suffer from skin problems while under stress, too.

“We live in a world that makes finding time for self-care difficult, while normal everyday activities like sitting for prolonged periods of time or commuting wreak havoc on our bodies," says Kathy Collins, chief marketing officer for Massage Envy. “Self-care isn’t just for special occasions or periods of extreme stress. It’s something you should do regularly to keep your body working.”


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Check out the infographic below to determine if you have a healthy relationship with self-care. How are you celebrating National Self-Care Day on July 24? Let us know on social media! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.