Innovative Spa Management Rebrands to ISM Spa

Photo by ISM Spa

Innovative Spa Management is now going by a new name: ISM Spa. The new look and developments come from a complete rebranding of the company, which brings a new logo, website, and overall direction for the brand.

ISM Spa will continue to use its layered approach to wellness, incorporating design and a holistic approach to influence physical and energetic experiences to achieve results. The rebranding also includes a new set of programming for clients that includes human performance training, which is exclusive to ISM and uses Mindful Waves technology, a therapy that improves focus and deepens awareness through brain monitoring technology. “We live in a global world, a world where wellness is important to all people from all walks of life. Our new direction is focused on expanding our design talents, management and wellness programs in the U.S. and internationally,” says Ilana Alberico, founding partner of ISM Spa.

Other new programs include sleep studies, which will use materials, textures, scents, and treatment to provide a wellness library to assist guests in creating a spa experience at night to achieve a better sleep; and a mindfulness in motion program, which uses unique meditation programs for beginners to create safe and dynamic experiences to help jump start their meditation practices.


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Within the rebranding comes a new partnership between ISM Spa and Eva Jensch, designer, developer, and operator of premium spas worldwide. Jensch’s experience working in larger spas will benefit ISM Spa as they expand the brand to include large scale spa resorts.

Guests are invited to visit the new ISM Spa website at