Intelligent Spas Releases Professional Treatment Manual

Intelligent Spas has teamed up again with international spa consultant Maggie Gunning to create a Professional Spa Treatments Manual with effective treatment protocols to help therapists remember the important details and deliver quality, consistent spa treatments. The manual is available for immediate download in both editable Microsoft Word and secure PDF formats, so spa therapists can easily add their logo and brand standards and customize the content for their spas' unique qualities. The key benefits from the manual, include reduced training costs, faster time to market for spas in the pre-opening phase, increased client loyalty, and easier treatment delivery for multi-skilled therapists. "Why allow training to be more complicated, time-consuming, and costly than it needs to be?" says Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas. "The emphasis on 'highly consistent' procedures helps spas focus on client-side delivery, streamlining operations, and getting new therapists out on the floor quicker, when treatment room occupancy is important and every cost saving helps in our very competitive industry."

The manual features 31 detailed spa treatment procedures organized by service area—Body, Face, Hair, Massage, Nails, Water, Waxing, and more. Each treatment includes verbal scripts, product lists, and process maps to help guide training and implementation. "Spa employees are usually happier if they have clear guidelines and processes to follow," says Gunning. "In my experience, a spa therapist typically delivers a variety of treatments. With 'highly consistent' procedures in place across the spa menu, it helps employees perform to the highest standards. Guest satisfaction can contribute to employee satisfaction and appreciation for a job well done. In the long run this can lead to higher employee retention and improving the bottom line."


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