Juil Footwear Launches New Sandals for Spas

Juil SandalsJuil, earthing-inspired sandals and shoes, has announced that they will be partnering with Deborah Evans and Associates, a boutique spa distribution agency, for distribution into spas, resorts, and hotels throughout the U.S. markets. Deborah Evans & Associates will be introducing the new ‘grounding’ shoe line to the spa market, offering a unique product to retail, besides the traditional spa offerings. With its health driven, earthing shoes for men and women, the team is thrilled about the retail opportunity for spas with earthing trending in the wellness and spa industries. Based on a contemporary wellness concept known as earthing or grounding, Juil’s footwear insulates helps the body make a connection with the earth as the copper dots inside the shoes and sandals act as a conduit between the body and the earth, allowing clients to stay connected and balanced. They were created to remind clients of simpler times, such as walking barefoot in the sand or grass, which brings pleasure, calm, and wellbeing. According to recent studies, there are a multitude of health benefits associated with walking barefoot. Manufactured in premier factories, Juil provides a drawer-like shoebox design, allowing clients to upcycle the box and use it for storage.

For more on the science of earthing or products, visit www.juil.com.