The Lano Company Adds Mirabella Beauty to Portfolio

The Lano Company, the parent company of brands like Pure Cosmetics and Pure Lano Natural Skincare, has officially added Mirabella Beauty to its cosmetics portfolio. The addition of Mirabella Beauty provides The Lano Company the opportunity to offer a full range of cosmetics and beauty products, in addition to expanding Mirabella’s present relationships, growing new business and offering new designs and products for the upcoming season.

The Lano Company is known for produts that are free from parabens, talc, and gluten, as is Mirabella Beauty. The two company’s similar standards regarding ingredients is just one of the reasons why both Miranda and Layne Coggins, founders and co-owners of The Lano Company, feel that Mirabella Beauty will fit nicely into The Lano Company’s expanding portfolio. “I am ecstatic that not only were we, here at The Lano Company, consciously looking to add a new branch to our company, but Mirabella Beauty was looking for new leadership simultaneously,” says Miranda. “I could not be more thrilled that Mirabella, with its own rich history, can become a part of our story.”

Since Lano’s founding in 2003, the initially small lip balm company has grown into a large cosmetics line thanks to the launch of Pure Cosmetics. The Lano Company became what it is today in 2015 when the Coggins’ created the full and natural skincare line Pure Lano. The addition of Mirabella Beauty is The Lano Company’s first expansion since the creation of Pure Lano. Says Layne “Mirabella's stronghold in professional side of beauty is phenomenal and we will absolutely stay true to the brand's roots moving forward and work hard to maintain those channels in which the brand is currently so successful.”