Learn About the Human Movement System at Scrape, Tape, & Move

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Performance Health Academy has developed the Scrape, Tape & Move course, an 8.5-hour continuing education unit that uses an integrated approach to maximize the human movement system. Participants of the course gain knowledge in analyzing the functional aspect of human movement, identifying impairments to the human movement system, and recognizing pathomechanical impairments that can be reformed through rehabilitation.

“Facilitating and reinforcing proper movement patterns is not a one-size-fits-all formula; every patient has a unique pathology and should be treated as such,” says course instructor Michael Voight. “The traditional medical model is based upon the symptomatic treatment or isolated treatment of inflamed tissue rather than on the correction of the mechanical cause of the problem. We need to stop chasing pain and focus on function.”

The course is taught in a hands-on format to ensure that participants learn treatment methods that can be used to help on their own patients. Students of the course will learn how to perform an assessment of movement using the base assessment from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). The course also introduces Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) techniques. In addition, instructions on kinesiology taping are also taught to educate participants on how to properly aid their patients as their mobility is restored. The course features a variety of relevant tools and products, including HawkGrips IASTM tools, TheraBrand, Kinesiology Tape with XactStretch technology, and the TheraBranc CLX Consecutive Loops exercise band.  Throughout the course, participants will also learn how to design exercise progressions that help to restore and advance functional movement patterns. They will use a 4-by-4 matrix of exercise planning that can be used to correct movement dysfunction.


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