LED Light Therapy Under Scrutiny

California, the land of movie stars and medical spas, which help everyone else look like them, is enforcing stricter licensing requirements for estheticians.  The California State Board posted new guidelines stating it “is it out of the scope of practice for a Board licensee to perform an LED light therapy treatment in a licensed establishment.” Essentially the Board deems LED light therapy an invasive procedure in spite of many facts to the contrary, more details here.

LED bulbs use scattered light particles and blue light, used to treat acne, cannot penetrate past the epidermis. It is a scientifically proven effective treatment for a number of dermatological conditions and is also included on the California state curriculum for esthetics. Mike Poling, president of Lightwave Team, is spreading the word about these new measures in hopes that the industry will respond and enable estheticians to continue administering this helpful treatment.

What do you think about the proposed changes for LED light therapy and esthetician licensing requirements?