Lemi Celebrates 30 Years in the Spa Industry

Lemi Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary // Photo courtesy of Lemi Group

Italian wellness equipment manufacturer Lemi Group is turning 30 this year. In honor of the celebration, the brand introduced two new products and released a new book, Some Like It Comfy: 30 Years of Italian Style in Wellness (Brusaferri & C, 2018) by Matteo Brusaferri, general manager of Lemi.  

“When I started making my first treatment bed, I could have never imagined founding the company that would be recognized as an industry leader,” says Emilio Brusaferri, co-founder of Lemi Group. “My only goal was simply to improve the comfort of the practitioner, doctor, or masseur without forgetting about the absolute comfort of the patient or customer being treated. Through pursuing this goal, I realized that the treatment beds available on the market were simply aiming at functionality. Then, I committed to bringing something to the market that would improve this aspect.”

The brand’s two newest pieces support Brusaferri’s mission in providing treatment tables that are comfortable for both client and practitioner alike. The Verona is an advanced, multifunctional spa table that features electronically adjustable height, backrest, leg rest, and Trendelenburg, when the body lays flat on the back with the feet elevated above the head. The Portofino is now the lowest spa table available on the market, standing just 19 inches in height (though it can rise to 31 inches) and features a cabinet base with a wooden drawer.


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In Some Like it Comfy, Brusaferri reveals the insights of a country locksmith who revolutionized the wellness furniture sector from a 900-square-foot apartment in rural Italy, back in 1989. Since then, the family business has grown to boast more than 80,000 beds being utilized in more than 100 countries across the globe.

“Our company is not made only of beds,” says Brusaferri. “Behind each single component, pillow, fitting, there is the passion and commitment from those who made all this come true, but also from those people who contribute with their dedication every day to provide the top quality now available on the market. This is the energy of so many people who, all together, believe in a unique big idea: manufacturing the best treatment chairs and beds in the world.”


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