Live Love Spa Announces Launch of Splash Event

Live Love Spa announced the launch of their Splash media event, which is tailored towards getting spa vendors in front of media and celebrities. The first Splash event will be held on Sept. 18 at The Hyatt Spa (Century City, CA), along with special guest, Brittany Snow. "I am so excited to attend Live Love Spa's Splash event and learn about the beauty brands,” says Brittany Snow. "It will be the perfect spa day for my friends, and I am thrilled to be a part of this newly launched event." Splash will give spa vendors complementary venues to network with key decision-makers and media. "Live Love Spa prides itself on being the connector between brands and the people that can drive their business and increase sales," says Lisa Michaelis, CEO and founder of Live Love Spa. "Prior to Splash, the focus was only on spa decision-makers, but another avenue to increase brand awareness and sales is through media and celebrity. We wanted to create that opportunity for media, syndicated TV, celebrities, and influential bloggers to experience treatments, meet owners, and sales managers face-to-face while they showcase their products. It is a very powerful way to set their brand apart."