Local Color

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London’s Heathrow Airport is one of the biggest in the world: a plane takes off or lands every 45 seconds. With all those people coming and going, the airport has become a major shopping center in its own right, providing travelers with more than 120 beauty brands from which to choose—and a whopping 1,451 lipsticks. In honor of National Lipstick Day today, Heathrow has compiled a “Colours of the Year Report,” displaying the most popular lipstick shade in 50 major travel destinations. Everywhere from Abu Dhabi (deep plum) to Zurich (dark nude pink) is represented in the report, allowing travelers to always look on-trend, no matter where their adventures may lead.

America is represented four times on the list: the top color in Las Vegas is bright coral orange, Miami residents opt for pale rose pink, and New Yorkers go for a classic red while Washington prefers pink red. The results are a great indicator of the culture of the area: who favors bright oranges or dark, dramatic purples, and who opts for subtle nude tones?

What local trends have you noticed in your spa?

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