Lynda Solien-Wolfe Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Lynda Solien-WolfePerformance Health, manufacturer and marketer of Biofreeze, Bon Vital, and Thera-Band branded products, announced that Lynda Solien-Wolfe, vice president of massage and spa, will be awarded the One Concept 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, who has been recognized for her contributions to the massage therapy profession. “I am very humbled by this honor,” says Solien-Wolfe. “When I chose massage therapy as a profession, I had no idea how life-changing that path would be. It has truly provided both blessings and opportunities for me to make a difference. There are so many in our profession who do so much, which makes this recognition even more meaningful.” The presentation will take place at the One Concept Gala & Awards Ceremony on May 17 in conjunction with the Atlanta-based One Concept Integrative Health and Wellness Conference. “We believe that those who exhibit outstanding dedication to their profession should be both recognized and celebrated,” says Scott Dartnall, president and CEO of One Concept. “It’s truly a pleasure to honor Lynda in this way and. I know everyone in attendance will enjoy sharing in the celebration and excitement.” As a licensed massage therapist and registered facial and skincare specialist in Florida, Solien-Wolfe has more than 20 years of experience in the massage therapy and spa markets and currently serves on the board of trustee for the Massage Therapy Foundation. “Lynda is one of the most caring and service-oriented people that I have ever known,” says Marshal Dahneke, president and CEO of Performance Health. “Everyone seems to love Lynda. I’m fortunate to spend time with Lynda at massage profession events and see first hand how people respond to her. Lynda touches just one person at a time, yet she has helped so many. I thank and applaud One Concept for recognizing Lynda’s excellence and contributions to our profession.”

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