Marshall Hotels & Resorts to Manage the Spa Castle Brand

spa castle

Marshall Hotels & Resorts, a Maryland-based hotel management and services company, has assumed management of the Spa Castle brand. With its new role, the company will lead Spa Castle Premier 57 (New York City) through a refurbishment and rebranding process. The renovations are set to begin in January and will expand the spa’s bath options in both the men’s and women’s water lounges and incorporate Asian and European spa traditions. The spa’s current amenities include hydrotherapy baths, specialized sauna rooms, and body scrubs and a menu of facials and body treatments. “Our goal with Premier 57 is to take its current offerings to the next level,” says David Price, regional vice president for Marshall Hotels and Resorts. “By refurbishing and re-identifying its niche, we want to provide our guests new and old with a comprehensive wellness experience that will make it a destination for those seeking a refuge from outside distractions that come with city life.”

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