Marti Morenings Receives Green Spa Network Visionary Award

Marti Morenings, founder of Universal Companies, was among the top winners at the Green Carpet Spa Sustainability Awards, receiving the Green Spa Network (GSN) Visionary Award, presented at the annual congress in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The awards celebrate overall leadership in environmental management, green techniques, and sustainability. “I am greatly humbled and honored to be selected as the recipient of the Visionary Leadership Award for Sustainability,” says Morenings, “I feel it is appropriate that I proudly share it with our dedicated team at Universal Companies. Their knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity have not only improved our own corporate carbon footprint, but it has also allowed us to develop products and ideas that have made a significant environmental impact on thousands of spas throughout the nation. I am so thankful to receive this award, especially from an organization with an agenda to which I feel so deeply connected.” Industry experts, including Julie Keller Callaghan, editor-in-chief of American Spa magazine, served as judges to choose one winner from each of the seven categories, including green building, healthy spa cuisine, and visionary. “These are the foremost leaders pushing the edge of innovation in our industry,” says Paul Schmidt, executive director of the Green Spa Network. “It is our privilege as a non-profit voice for sustainability to recognize the work of these visionaries whose examples can truly help set the standard for the spa and wellness industry around the planet. These awards help acknowledge the investment each has made in the name of sustainability and recognize them for a job well done.”

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