Massage Education Alliance Announces Code of Ethics

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) has announced the publication of a code of ethics, for members in the school, teacher and continuing education provider categories.

The AFMTE is an independent voice, advocate and resource for massage therapy schools and educators.

'The preamble highlights the document's purpose, which is consistent with the Alliance's overall mission and goals,':

'Members of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education are committed to promoting professionalism and serving the learning experience of their students in every educational setting. The ethical principles set forth in this Code are intended to foster respectful relationships within the community of students, faculty, staff and institutional leaders, to facilitate successful educational outcomes, and to ultimately improve the quality of care provided to all who receive massage therapy services.'

'The individual points of this code provide AFMTE members with behavioral and operational guidelines that will assist them in carrying out their work in the field of massage therapy education with the highest levels of integrity,' the press release notes. The complete text of this document is available on the AFMTE's website (

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