Massage Envy and the AMTA Launch New Support for Therapists

(Getty Images)

Massage Envy, a national franchisor that provides therapeutic massage and skincare services, is joining forces with the nonprofit American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) to support therapists and estheticians with its new plan to help build a better workplace through self-care and ongoing education. “We’re committed to helping Massage Envy franchisees create a workplace where talented therapists can be their best, build rewarding and long-term careers, and take care of themselves, so they can make wellness accessible to everyone,” says CEO Joe Magnacca. ”Our work with AMTA is an important part of that commitment.”

Massage Envy and AMTA will address four key areas during the next two years, including:

1. Self-care programs. These programs will be focused on body mechanics, warm- up, and recovery techniques to empower massage therapists and estheticians to put the same focus on themselves as they do on their clients, so they can continue practicing in the profession throughout their career.


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2. Continuing education courses. Massage Envy has made these courses free to employees in its franchised locations. 

3. Training for Massage Envy managers. This training will help managers better understand the needs of therapists and successfully lead and support their teams. 

4. Career support. This will include research and strategies regarding compensation and career development for massage therapists.  

“The AMTA is excited to work with Massage Envy to create programs and tools that speak to the interests of our members and address their biggest needs,” says president Nathan Nordstrom. “Together, we’re committed to help therapists make a significant difference in their clients’ wellbeing, have rewarding and long-term careers, and elevate the standards of the entire profession. We want all industry employers to provide quality employment to massage therapists.”