Massage Envy Spa Recognizes Therapists and Estheticians for the Year of 2013

Massage Envy Spa, the largest employer of massage therapists and estheticians in the U.S., recently awarded 58 Therapists of the Year winners at its Annual Franchise Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. These practitioners, of the company’s estimated 24,000 therapists and estheticians from across the country, attended the conference, where they were honored for their dedication and efforts to the health and wellness industry. The Therapist of the Year program is an annual award recognizing best-in-class service across the network’s more than 980 locations nationwide. Winners are chosen based on their high level of professionalism, client service, and contributions to healing. “At Massage Envy Spa, our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives through the healing power of touch and these particular therapists and estheticians have gone above and beyond to demonstrate this commitment to our members and guests through their hard work,” says CG Funk, vice president of industry relations and product development for Massage Envy Spa. “It’s because of the work of this talented group and the rest of their colleagues across the Massage Envy Spa network, that we can continue to provide a pathway to wellness, well-being, and worth through professional, convenient, and affordable massage therapy and spa services.” The Massage Envy Spa Therapists of the Year Winners are:

Mike Maloy – Legacy Therapist of the Year - Jacksonville

Alabama – Mohamed Elashry

Miami – Griselle Maria Guillama

Arizona – Trisha Peterson

Minneapolis – Patrick Whalen

Atlanta – Sarah Graves

Nashville – Charles Jeffery Parker

Chicago – Gloria Swindell

New Mexico/Oklahoma – Patrick Trujillo

Cincinnati– Brett Dingo

New York – Diana Salgado

Cleveland – Brian Garot

North Carolina – Helen Barker

Colorado – Doreen Christian

New Jersey – Peter Penaflor

Columbus – Amber Arthur-Baiden

Orange County – Sarah Adams

Connecticut – Mary Pat Goodwin

Oregon – Jason Batey

Dallas/Ft. Worth – Megan Dean

Orlando – Desiree Sherman

Detroit – Jason Paholak

Philadelphia – Dawn Gorin

Hawaii – Jehan Radel

Pittsburgh – Mark Laraway

Houston – Courtney Watkins

Sacramento – Sol Angel Mendoza

Indianapolis – Vickie Wood

Austin/San Antonio – Sara Marantz

Inland Empire – Laura Moore

San Diego – Jathan Clark

Iowa/Nebraska – Stephanie Gustafson

San Francisco East Bay – Maria Christy Cano

Jacksonville – Michal Tyminski

San Francisco Marin – Jaroensuk Klangprapan

Kansas City – Whitney McClure

San Francisco South – Bernard Dizon

Las Vegas – Christine Bauer

South Carolina – Courtney Bryant

Los Angeles Northeast – Johannah O’Campo

St. Louis – Donald Dowl, Sr.

Los Angeles Northwest – Charles H. Johnson, Jr.

Tampa –  Siwaporn Pin Spears

Los Angeles West – Ashley Hornbeck

Utah – Shaylee Dymock

Louisiana – Andrea Kirt

Virginia North – Danielle Musselman

Maryland/DC – Mack Dawson

Virginia South – Heather Smith

Massachusetts – David Hobbs, Jr.

Washington – Erik Rasmussen

Memphis – Nick Brotherns

Wisconsin – Sarah Brauer

Massage Envy Spa Estheticians of the Year Winners

Columbus – Monica Holland

Orlando – Danna Pineiro

Jacksonville – Mike Malloy

Washington – Meghan Borne

New Jersey– Xe Pham

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