Massage Therapy Foundation Recognizes Jean Shea for Service

Massage Therapy Foundation honored Jean Shea, founder and president of professional massage and spa therapy brand Biotone, with the John Balletto Distinguished Service Award during the 2016 American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) convention held in Milwaukee, WI. This award is given to individuals for their service to the massage profession, generous volunteer efforts, and long-time support of the Massage Therapy Foundation. “One of the most important values a company has is to give back,” says Shea. “I have always felt that the massage therapy profession has supported the goals of Biotone, and I wanted to make sure that we helped to advance the profession doing so by supporting the Massage Therapy Foundation.”

San Diego native Shea began her career in the skincare industry in the 1970s by creating a line of natural skincare products for the health food market. Shea then expanded into the spa industry, formulating  lubricants for a massage school. In 1980, Shea established Biotone and introduced her first product, Revitalizing Massage Oil, which is still available today, and later debuted one of the first creams for massage therapists. Today, Biotone provides a full line of quality massage oils, creams, lotions, and gels, as well as professional spa body, face, and foot treatment products. Biotone’s retail spa products also enable consumers to extend their treatment experience at home. “Within the industry, we were all aware of how beneficial massage was to our mind and body,” says Shea. “We wanted others to know that as well. Biotone and I have been strong advocates for the Foundation for more than a decade. Not only does it bring us immense rewards, it furthers the profession and contributes to the wellness of others.”