Meet Meevo 2: The User-Friendly Spa Software System

2017's The Millennium Experience (TME)—Millennium Systems International’s annual educational software conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL—featured three jam-packed days of presentations, main stage performances and classes on social media and brand-building. But what really rocked attendees was when John Harms, CEO and founder of Millennium Systems International, unveiled one of the company’s most exciting innovations to date: Meevo 2.

The new Meevo 2 has the ability to fully function on all devices, from a Mac or PC to an iPhone or Android.

A complete rebuild of the first generation product, Meevo 2 is a cloud-based software system that enables spas to manage and grow their businesses with ease. The upgraded version includes an intelligent, patent-pending “convo bar” that allows users to enter keywords that bring up anything from clients to a specific service provider’s appointment book across multiple days. With Meevo 2, managing a waitlist is a thing of the past. The new software automatically reaches out to pending clients via text message, allowing the them to confirm if they will take the appointment. And, Meevo 2 completes tasks much faster than before—as fast as a fraction of a second.  

Harms presented a live demo of the user-friendly app at TME and invited attendees on stage to give it a try. Because of the system’s intuitiveness, the platform requires little to no training. “Meevo 2 blew people away,” Harms says. “The energy in the room during the live presentation was palpable.” Taking note of client critiques, Harms focused the rebuild on their wants and needs. “Our clients wanted multiple credit card processor choices and the ability to fully function from a Mac or PC down to an iPhone or Android. We delivered,” Harms says. 

What’s next? Millennium Systems International’s development team is working on a migration system that will assist with the transition from Millennium. Meevo 2 will be available to most businesses in early 2018. For more information on Meevo 2 and next year’s TME, visit

This story originally ran on our sister site, American Salon.


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