Milano Software Debuts Two New Mobile Apps

Milano Software, a spa software company that provides appointment tracking, a client database, point of sale (POS), and product management, has launched two new mobile applications called MilanoOne and MilanoPulse. MilanoOne is an app that spas can use to mobilize their brand through designing and creating their own personal app. On the app, spas can select simple templates and brand it with their own content, logos, and color schemes. Users are also given several options that they can include in their creation, such as a list of their services, a map of their location, gallery of images, their social media platforms, online gift card services, online booking for their customers, and more. These app features may be combined in any manner to create a professional and visually pleasing app that spas get to name, and then the app is published to iTunes for download by their customers and staff so that they can communicate and interact directly with their business. MilanoPulse allows spas to monitor and track their businesses and staff performances in real time from any mobile device and tablet. It is completely customizable and has an intuitive interface and simple dashboards to provide easy visibility of all key metrics of their businesses. It also provides a comparative analysis to show trending patterns, as well as it automatically synchronizes with a spa’s POS to provide ongoing real time reporting of sales activities. “Milano is committed to providing complete mobile solutions for our customers,” says CEO Imran Zalfackruddin. “We embrace a ‘mobile first’ philosophy. MilanoPulse literally puts the business in the palm of the owner. It automatically aggregates POS data in real-time and presents sales analytics information using several metrics to track and monitor the performance of the business including comparative trending in real time using sophisticated graphs on mobile devices."


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