Millennium Adds Two-Way Texting Capabilities

Millennium Systems International has announced a partnership with Textel, a two-way texting service for businesses. Textel’s powerful cloud-based platform allows spas and salons to text with clients via any computer or mobile device. Through Textel, Millennium can cater to its busy, mobile-minded customers all from its text-enabled business phone number. Also, Textel’s two-way text (SMS) and photo (MMS) capabilities provide Millennium with the vehicle to grow Millennium’s brand awareness and improve its customer service and satisfaction, which contributes to an increased bottom line. Textel also works to help bridge the gap between businesses and the mobile behavior of consumers so your spa is more efficient and takes advantage of previously missed revenue opportunities. “With Textel, spas and salons can quickly answer customer inquiries, remind customers of appointments, and capture next-generation customers who only communicate via text,” says brand ambassador Michelle Steimann. “Textel helps enhance customer satisfaction through auto-reply courtesy messages and keyword marketing. This creates a virtual text concierge that works 24/7.”