Mobile Marketing

If you and your clients are anything like me, you’ve developed the habit of frequently checking your phone for updates in hope of new messages and, even better, promotions. The vast majority of Americans owns a cell phone and uses it for text messages, among many other features, and gives these messages more attention than those on email or social media. Here are a few reasons why your business could benefit from using text message marketing:

  1. Recipients have already agreed to be included on mailings, so they have a higher interest level in your business and product
  2. Text messages are immediate and read just as quickly. This inbox is reserved for messages that must be read right now.
  3. Less content is required to produce a full message and promotion than other media. It doesn’t take up as much time for planning and production and your business can still reap rewards.
  4. It is budget-friendly. Sending messages costs only a few cents each, much more cost effective than expensive advertisements placed in front of a large and less engaged group.

Has your spa tried text-message marketing to bring in clients or would you give it a shot?