ModiFace Develops Photo Analysis App

ModiFace, creators of virtual makeover and visualization apps, has created Beautiful Me, an app that scans images to generate personalized skincare solutions using patented data technology to analyze photos and detect facial characteristics, including makeup, aging, and hair. The information collected is then used to recommend a list of skin, anti-aging, and cosmetic products that match the user’s profile and skincare needs. The app reveals the user’s true skintone by digitally extracting the skintone range from the photos, and displays statistics about the user’s makeup preferences. "We're thrilled to introduce Beautiful Me to users and bring a level of understanding to skin analysis that has never been accessible through an app,” says director of partnerships and mobile strategy Miriam Pettinen. "While most apps only use basic analysis of a single photo, the combination of big data and machine learning algorithms used in Beautiful Me gives users a much more accurate description of their skin profile."

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