More competition for your retail sales...

Today's Women's Wear Daily reports that is looking to ramp up their beauty business from the current level of less than $1 million annually (a drop in the bucket for a business that grosses over $1 Billion) to $75 million a year within the next five years.

It makes perfect sense, really.  I mean, we've all bought shoes from them, right?  And I'm sure women make up the majority of their 10,000,000 customers.  So they just add a "beauty" tab and off they go.    They've only been offering beauty products for less than two years, and this year saw a 400% increase in monthly sales.  They started with 3 brands and now stock over 80,  are adding 2 to 4 brands per month, and have just hired an esthetician who will answer emails on skin care questions.

Currently, makeup comprises 27% of their beauty sales, and skincare 16%.  But I'm sure that will change when, in the next 30 days, they introduce an online skin care tool that will suggest products based on skin type.  Their current presentation of products is very democratic;  not by brand but by function, which is SO much easier for most clients.    From the professional beauty side, they already offer Bioelements, MD Skincare, and Ahava.  There will be many more to come.  Since the company was acquired by Amazon last year, the sky is the limit.

Have you updated your online shopping cart lately???