MySkin Dermograph Now Available to Resort Spas

mySkin Dermograph Now Available to Resort SpasMySkin announced that their transdermal skin imaging system, the dermograph, is now available in several premium resort spas in Mexico, India, South East Asia, and the Middle East. The dermograph uses visible light to interact with various tissue structures like oil glands, collagen, and elastin to decode information and give a detailed assessment of the characteristics of the tissue to help clients better understand their skin health. “mySkin’s stellar team of skincare industry experts have invested years of research and development in the dermograph,” says Leena Sukumar, vice president of Marketing and Sales. “We have the most comprehensive and distinct offerings for spas and skincare brands to help them grow sales, engage customers at the point of sale, and enhance their brand.” With the dermograph, clients can also obtain personalized recommendations and track changes in the skin over time, leading to a customized regimen. Says Sukumar, “Customers are delighted by the mySkin dermograph experience. The scientific approach helps clients measure their skin health, prioritize areas to work on, and identify right products that actually work, removing guesswork, and leading to tremendous customer satisfaction.”

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